Beware! These 7 Social Media Mistakes Can Ruin Your Career

7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Damage Your Career
Updated:6 Sep, 2022

Social media is a part of our lives however, it is important to understand that sharing everything on social media to attract likes and followers is a no-brainer. As a working professional, it is always advisable to keep certain things out of your social media no matter how much you wish to share them with the world. After all, you never know what your employer or colleague finds objectionable and can severely affect your reputation and career.

To help you out with what not to do on social media, here are the 7 social media mistakes that you should absolutely avoid as a working professional:

1. Always Staying Active on Social Media (Even During Working Hours)

Well, if you are a person who likes to share even the tiniest information about yourself on social media, then my friend you need to stop today. Stop, because when you are active even during your work hours, then when are you doing your work? At least this is the impression that your employer or colleagues might get of you.

Pro Tip: If you find yourself hanging out on social media again and again, then you can put a digital controller on your social media usage or put your phone on DND while you are at work. Keep it in a drawer or somewhere away from your sight, so that you won’t be able to pick it up to check beeping notifications.

2. Cyberbullying

Cyber Bullying is a crime and needs no elaborate explanation. You know how mean and unjust it could be to bully anyone, be it your friends, family, colleagues, customers, or strangers. The power of social media is immense and can make or break anyone’s reputation. Therefore, be conscious of how you talk and behave on social media platforms.

Pro Tip: Avoid any conversation that is intended to provoke you unnecessarily. Besides, if you see anyone bullying anyone online, report that person.

3. Sharing Inappropriate Content Online and With Colleagues

Social media is filled with hilarious videos, memes, and content. With the help of these memes and videos, it is really easy to make bonds with your colleagues. However, sharing all of it with your colleagues (without filtering) can make things a bit bitter. Also posting these on social media during work hours could hamper your relationship with your colleagues. You are there to work and provide value to the company. So, concentrate on the work when you are supposed to.

Pro Tip: If you are working from the office, then it is always a good idea to interact with people face to face, instead of sharing memes and videos with them even when you are in the same room. However, if you are working from home, share but only appropriate content.

4. Posting Objectionable Comments

Whatever you post on social media, be it pictures, videos, memes, or comments. Everything speaks volumes about your personality. Therefore, whenever you post anything, make sure it is not objectionable or offensive to any community, caste, religion, or gender. This is especially for the comments that you post on social media posts. Use your words wisely, more so on social media. After all, whatever you comment, on remains on the internet forever.

Pro Tip: Avoid any political comments that might trigger the emotions of a community.

5. Sharing Company's Confidential Information

As a working professional, it is your duty to keep confidential information about your company to yourself. If by any chance, you share it on social media, even a glimpse of it - you are potentially breaking the laws and are liable to pay a heavy price. Therefore, whenever you are around the workplace, avoid using your camera or recording anything without prior permission from the authorities.

6. Using Slang and Text Language All Time

How would you like it if you get to read informal messages using weird acronyms on formal chat groups? The acronyms you might use, might not be known to everyone present in the group. Therefore, it is always recommended to convey your messages in the standard language that you use in your workplace - be it English, Hindi, or any other language. Besides, using slang unnecessarily on social media or in person could ruin your career. You never know what could be offensive to others. So, it is wise to use crisp, clear, and decent language all the time.

7. Oversharing Your Personal Life

Everybody has a life outside their work life, however, it is not important to share everything about your personal life on social media. Especially as a working professional, you should be conscious of what you post online. For example, if your company provides health care consultations and you post pictures of you smoking or drinking, then it might affect the whole purpose of your company and so it will affect you as well.

Pro Tip: Share only the things that matter to you, not everything that you do needs to be shared online.

There are several other mistakes as well like gossiping or complaining about your company or boss, things like you're looking out for a new job, etc. So, you must avoid doing these mistakes to make your career trajectory a happy one!


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