How To Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement?

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement?
Updated:15 Jun, 2022

If you are a seeker of potential career growth (who isn’t), you must be familiar with LinkedIn – the most trusted and authentic platform for hiring employees and expanding businesses or companies.

LinkedIn is an online platform serving as an intermediary between employers and job-seekers. Proving itself highly valuable, LinkedIn saves one the formalities of visiting companies in person or sometimes, appearing for interviews. In addition, it helps recruiters scrutinize the right job profiles according to their requirements and preferences.

However, to use any source to its maximum potential, one needs to be aware of all its functionalities, operations, and working. So, if you are struggling with leveraging the benefits of LinkedIn, worry not. Here we have some great tips to help you greatly increase your LinkedIn engagement.

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement?

Whether an employee or employer, everyone aims to hire or get hired against the best options on LinkedIn. If analyzed in-depth, the tips to increase LinkedIn engagement maintain virtually the same significance as improvising or updating a resume or C.V.

The only difference is that LinkedIn offers a bigger and better professional network. And to utilize these features and explore further opportunities, follow the below-given steps and skyrocket to the peak of your career.

1. Create and Maintain a Professional Persona

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn is built specifically for career growth aspects and job hiring. And, to create better engagement for your profile and attract more employers, you need to focus on the theme of the platform. Therefore, one needs to maintain the necessary professionalism in each and every word they put on their profile.

Some key points to remember for maintaining a professional persona on the platform are as follows:

Professional Profile

From the username to the profile picture, each section should represent your professional background. The profile picture should be formal and preferably represent your brand or logo, in the case of an organization. 

The username, the introduction, and the language used in the description should also be authentic, knowledgeable, and grammatically correct. Your profile will speak for you, so make sure to curate it perfectly. You can also check out some of the renowned professional LinkedIn profiles to get more clarity

Professional Network

As is already known, LinkedIn is for professional networking. Therefore, the network and connections you add to your profile should be relevant to your career profile; avoid adding people irrelevantly or unnecessarily. Ideally, your LinkedIn profile can sport as many connections - although, each should be a valuable profile for potential engagement and better representation of your image. Hence, engaging only with friends or inactive members will lower your chances to be in the top tier.

2. Content Supremacy

LinkedIn provides you with an easy-to-use interface and a variety of options to express your views. This is the best opportunity to increase your LinkedIn Engagement. Meanwhile, the content you post should:

  • Be relevant to current topics/trends and be professional
  • Be composed of proper hashtags to boost your engagement
  • Engage with posts related to the hashtags you use to help you explore your professional circle
  • Post pictures of events, seminars, or meetings with insights and reviews
  • Maintain the originality and purpose of your profile at all times
  • Maintain a regular posting frequency
  • Learn from, adapt to, and overcome the LinkedIn algorithms
  • Consists of short videos with informative context
  • Ideally have a maximum of 5 to 6 hashtags per post

3. Achievements, Assets, and Aim

The most fundamental yet frequent mistake made by job seekers on LinkedIn is not focusing enough on their achievements and boasting about them. The important thing to remember is the proper balance between your achievements and what you are aiming for from them.

Employees will not care for achievements until they are proven as assets to them. Important things to remember while mentioning your achievements are:

  • They should be relevant to your field.
  • Whether big or small, they should offer some value to the employer.
  • Certification courses, Co-Curricular activities, and certificates awarded in any event can and should be represented as well.
  • Pictures of qualifying degrees and certificates should be posted as well.
  • LORs and asking for recommendations will help you create a strong and influential profile.
  • They should explain the role or participation in each category of achievement and how it is useful to the employer.

Pro Tips:

  • Upload your CV, participation certificates, and work experiences in detail.
  • Keep updating your interests and personal introduction to show the periodic growth in mindset. Also, do not forget to upload your achievements with relevant - hashtags for better engagement.
  • None of these points will work if you are not consistent. Hence, consistency is the key.

LinkedIn is a platform to grow your brand, explore the competition, and endorse your skills and qualities for your benefit. In the times when digitalization has supremacy over anything, LinkedIn has been providing solutions to the unemployed at their fingertips.

One should keep these points in mind to work on their LinkedIn engagement and grab the best job opportunities

Start working on one section at a time and polish your profile gradually. Always try to use refined language and content for the profile. Be You. Be Real. Do not lie about your experiences or achievements, and focus on what you desire. Now go out there and create a worthy LinkedIn profile that represents the best in you. 


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