How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - 7 Proven Ways!

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - 7 Proven Ways!
Updated:3 May, 2022

A comfort zone is a place where you feel safe but after some time you will be panic about how things get to work. Furthermore, pushing yourself into difficult situations will be more challenging, but moreover, you will get to learn how to deal with time management, how to deal with a stressful life, and it will help you in your personal and professional growth.

In today's world, many individuals are wasting a lot of time and eventually feel depressed by staying in their comfort zone. They usually think of a more comfortable life with less effort. However, do you think this life will make you better in the future? The answer is "No". Because being in a comfort zone we can't achieve the best in our life. If you want to become a successful person in your domain or field then you must have to get out of your comfort zone and must take risks to achieve what you want in your life.

If you look at the successful people and those who inspire you then you must know that daily they live their life with discipline and consistency to improve themselves. Moreover, successful people don't get afraid of the discomfort path at the start because they know that after they work hard they will achieve their targeted goals. Meanwhile, if you also want to know how to get out of your comfort zone then please read the below steps.

Some of the Best Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

1. Start Meditation or Exercise Daily

If you meditate daily or will be meditating 4-5 days a week, it improves your blood circulation and also improves your concentration power. Moreover, it helps you in concentrating on your goal. Furthermore, if you are depressed in any situation it doesn't help you. You must have to leave your comfort zone to be more focused on your work. Initially, you will get tired but over a period of time, you gain confidence. Hence, you can do any task if you decided.

Benefits of Meditation & Exercise:

  • Reduce Negative Emotions
  • Increase Tolerance and Patience
  • Handles you in stressful situations
  • Helps build you a better version of yourself
  • Increase Creativity and Imagination

2. Have a Plan

Imagine one day you woke up and want to qualify for an entrance exam with good marks. Then you appear for the entrance test but, will you qualify with a single day of preparation? Then the answer is No. To be clear having a plan and goal are different things. Many people are having a goal to be rich, have more money, look good, etc. But without a plan, having a goal doesn't work.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. If you want to achieve your goal then you must have to make an effective plan and work according to that regularly. You can also reward yourself in some way after you complete any small task. In this way, you will be on a right track with full concentration. 

3. Do Public Speaking

Good communication skills are very much required in the present-day world to succeed in career and life. And public speaking is one of the best ways to enhance your communication skills. But many a time most people are fearful of giving a talk in front of many people. Hence, these people must try to step out of their comfort zone and start doing public speaking consistently. 

Initially, many people may laugh at you and also make fun of you. But you have to still stand and tell yourself that you can do that. You can't become an expert from Day 1 you need to be focused on your work and leave your comfort zone. It's true that your comfort zone doesn't build a better version of yourself. 

4. Learn Something New

If you start something new from your daily boring schedule then, it may help you to prove that you can do better in your life. Meanwhile, being in your comfort zone and doing nothing eventually destroy your future in some way. When you decide to learn something new, for example, coding, singing, dancing, etc. - initially, it seems like you have to work hard to be good at many skills. But, every day try to push your limits to get a better understanding and you can also increase your productivity. Regardless of the outcome, you may check the knowledge, skills, improvement, etc when you leave your comfort zone

5. Don't Complain

When we complain we feel better because we get a shortcut to escape and then we don't worry about what went next. Many times we fail to do a task or any work. In these times most people have a habit to blame others. They always blame others for their mistake. Moreover, they didn't change their life. Complaining may give you satisfaction in a short period of time. But did you ever think most people don't care about your problem? To get out of the habit of complaining, you must be prepared mentally. The people who do not complain in any situation and work on their skills will definitely be succeeding in their life. 

6. Take Risks

Lots of people want to take risks in life but they are afraid to fail. They worry about their decisions or think that people will make fun, etc. They judge their decisions if they will work or not. Most people also have fear of being too uncomfortable with the idea of moving outside their comfort zone. If you start challenging yourself and making the smart decision then you can build your self-confidence

One of the reasons people struggle while taking risks is that they are not confident enough and also can't handle stress. If you want to overcome the risk then you must have to imagine the output of what you want. And work according to that, this is the only way you can overcome your fear and also you can become a better person in your life. 

7. Stay Motivated

As you are leaving your comfort zone, you must have to stay positive and surround yourself with good people. In today's busy life staying motivated is not that easy. Most people want to change some habits but they can't change them due to some bad habits. A lot of people have one or two bad habits that stop them to achieve their main goal. Furthermore, you want to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with good ones. You need to celebrate a small and big victory to get motivated in a long run.


As we have covered all the 7 ways in detail, now, what you need to know is that most people are revolving around just a few things. They don't change their routine and just imagine or wish to become the best in their life, being in their comfort zone. But that doesn't possible in reality. Therefore, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you in your future career and all aspects of life. 


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