How To Google Like a Pro? - 10 Most Useful Google Search Tricks

How To Google Like a Pro? - 10 Most Useful Google Search Tricks
Updated:2 Aug, 2022

Google has become an inseparable yet mundane part of our lives that we almost take for granted. The degree of familiarity is such that millions of people across the globe substitute Google for the internet without consequences. And understandably so, since Google accounts for a significant portion of all internet searches. 

According to StatCounter, as of February 2022, Google commands approximately 92% of the search engine market. In other words, a lot of people use Google daily for a plethora of research purposes. But how many of them, do you think, know to search smartly? Not many, we guess. After all, we are used to writing any random phrase in the Google search bar and hoping to come across the right result. However, while this is the most common method of searching on Google, it is not the most efficient.

In this article, we will discuss some life-changing Google search tricks that are sure to save you a lot of time and improve search quality.

10 Highly Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks

In the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2, one of the scenes shows Peter Parker, the protagonist, investigating the "Roosevelt" Train station. Like the rest of us, he initially goes to the Google search bar for his research. However, instead of typing 'Roosevelt train station under D-line, New York', he enters 'Roosevelt+Subway+D-Train'.

What he essentially does here is employ a Google search hack for precise and targeted search results. He first figures out the relevant keywords for his research. Then, he links them with the + symbol to tell Google that those words are what he is specifically looking for. Cool, isn't it?

We are going to share some similar Google search hacks that, although not as widely known as the above example, are still quite practical. So if you want to become a Google search pro, stay tuned till the end.

1. Search Images Using Google Images’ Reverse Image Search Feature

Let us suppose you have an image of a cool-looking custom superbike in your gallery. You are frantically looking for its name, but searching “superbikes painted in red and yellow” on Google is not helping at all. Also, no matter how accurately you tell Google about the design and color of the bike, you cannot find it anywhere. You cannot do anything but feel helpless in such a situation, right? Well, how about you search the image on Google instead?

Google allows you to search for not just textual keywords but also images. To do so, all you have to do is go to Google Images (, click on the camera icon/button, and upload the image you want information on.

P.S. You can also use to type in a description of an image you are looking for, and it will show all the pictures that are the closest match.

2. Use Google SafeSearch for a Secure Browsing Experience

When we give internet-ready devices to children, we always worry about them stumbling upon any type of explicit imagery. It might include pornography, weaponry, vulgar videos, highly politicized speeches, etc.

If you have the same concerns, you can use the Google SafeSearch feature to supervise your kids' browsing experience. All you need to do is go to address: and toggle the explicit results filter switch on. Once done, you can rest assured that Google will deter any harmful elements from popping up in the search results. 

3. Use the - (Minus) Symbol to Exclude Any Words From Search Results

How many times has it happened that you type a phrase in the search bar and press enter only to find out that it refers to something entirely different from what you had imagined? Too irritating, right? Well, worry not, for Google has a nice trick up its sleeve to offer you the exact results for your query.

When searching on Google, if you know that your search phrase has two or more meanings, you can exclude the ones not required using the Minus (-) operator.

For example, let us say you want to know the meaning of the phrase 'rest assured'. Now, 'rest assured' is also the name of a java library. Thus, you might see something entirely different from what you intend. To avoid this, type 'rest assured -java' in the search bar, and you will find results associated only with the meaning of this phrase.

4. Use "related:" to Find Websites Similar to the One You are Looking at

You go to, read their review of the iPhone 13, and want to buy it immediately. But, you decide to refer to some other review websites to confirm your purchase. And since CNET is a reputable website, you want the other tech websites to possess the same caliber.

So what you do here is go to the Google search bar and type “”. Google will then show you the names of several websites similar to CNET.

Now no more using search phrases like "good websites like CNET", "tech websites similar to CNET", etc.

5. Place a Phrase Between Double Quotes to Locate its Exact Source

Has it ever happened to you that you remember a phrase but cannot recall where it is from or who said it? Our guess would be, that it definitely has, at least once.

We have all been there, trying our best to remember the origin of a quote or a lyric. And most of the time, we turn to Google to help ourselves.

However, simply typing the phrase in the search bar might not offer you the intended result as Google tends to match just the keywords and not their order.

To make sure Google gets even the order of the words right, enclose the entire phrase between double-quotes and search again. This time, Google will keep in mind even the order of the words in the phrase and most probably tell you about its exact source.

The following images demonstrate how this google search hack works.

6. Learn Geometry Using the Google Search Bar

It is a well-known fact that Google allows users to carry out arithmetic operations using the search bar. From basic operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication to advanced concepts such as trigonometry, one can do so much with Google's inbuilt calculator.

But, what many do not know is that Google also has a handy database of geometric formulas. Forgot the equation for the area of a sphere? Google has you covered. Cannot recall what the volume of a cone is? Simply type "volume of a cone". Want to quickly calculate the diagonal of any square? "Square diagonal formula" is the search phrase for you.

7. Sort Search Results Based on The Time they Were Published on Google

For ardent followers of a particular topic, such as the Ukraine-Russia war, the importance of the latest news reports is insurmountable. And, if under any circumstance, they are not able to follow the news for a couple of days, getting back on track can be difficult for them.

To deal with such scenarios, Google offers its users the option to sort the search results by specific dates or time frames. To sift search results, users need to first click on the "Tools" button just below the search bar, click on "Any Time", and select the available time constraints as they deem fit.

8. Search the Meanings of Words and Phrases using "define"

Oftentimes, it so happens that we search for a word or a phrase, and Google displays its meaning from a website, which sometimes seems oversimplified. In short, we miss that dictionary-like organized layout that Google sometimes uses to comprehensively explain word meanings.

If you want Google to always come up with that layout while searching for a word/phrase's meaning, use the "define" keyword before it.

Hence, instead of typing "surge" in the search, use the phrase "define surge" as your search query.


9. Use Google News Archive to Read Hundreds of Years Old Newspapers

Ever wondered what kind of content got published in the newspapers of the 1800s and 1900s? Using Google news archive, you can now check out archaic but well-preserved newspapers and read their content on your device.

To do so, use the search box on the home page of Google News Archive to search for a specific newspaper or publishing year.

10. Use the "=english" Feature to Accurately Spell Large Numbers

Do you have trouble converting large numbers into words instantly? Let Google have your back.

Type any large number into the search box and add "=english" without spaces. Then, as you press search, Google will spell out the number in English for you.


Google is, no doubt, on a mission to become a jack-of-all-trades search engine. In the coming years, we can, for sure, see its arsenal of services grow by leaps and bounds. And as its number of services grows, so will its storehouse of handy search tricks. The Google search tricks we saw above are just the tip of the iceberg. But, they definitely offer a starting point for anyone looking to master the art of "Google Search".

If you are someone looking to excel at searching anything on Google in the fastest and smartest way possible, we wish you the best of luck. Also, we offer you this article as a token of our appreciation for all the learning efforts you are about to put in!


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