Google I/O 2022 Event: Key Announcements

Google I/O 2022 Event: Key Announcements
Updated:22 Jun, 2022

Google I/O is back with yet another range of futuristic products. The tech giant has announced the launch of products and the upcoming products and policies for users that it is currently working upon. From the anticipated Pixel 6a to Pixel Buds Pro, the products are expected to be released by the next year.

Alongside the products, during the consumer keynote, the tech giant announced that it is going to make significant improvements in the search engine as well, in order to enhance the visual searches. Also, it will be expanding the multi-search feature in order to help users to see local results.

The 2-day event that is scheduled to go on from May 11 to May 12, began on Wednesday. 

Here are the key highlights of the Google I/O 2022 Event:

Tablet Powered with Tensor Chip

The tech giant has announced its plans to release an Android-powered tablet in the upcoming year which will act as a “perfect companion for Pixel with a larger form factor.” The device is rumored to be equipped with a Tensor Chip. The tablet is said to be the competitor of the iPad which will bring the Pixel experience on a larger screen.

Pixel 6 Packed With Tensor Chip

The series of announcements including the anticipated smartphone series of Pixel 6A is going to cost around $449. The smartphone will have a compact 6.1-inch screen and also it will be equipped with a 12.2MP main camera at the back and a 12MP ultrawide camera. The device is powered by a Tensor 5G chip which is similar to the security architecture of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

The smartphone craze doesn't end at Pixel 6A rather, it is the beginning of the fest of smart devices as the tech giant has revealed the first look of Pixel 7-series smartphones, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. The smartphones are going to get a refreshed look as now they will have a new camera design at the back. In addition, the smartphones will come with Android 13.

Google Wallet Makes Comeback

In the announcements, the Google Wallet was among the major notice points as it will make a comeback which now will not just keep the payment cards secured but it will also ensure the safety of passes, rewards program memberships, vaccination records, etc. According to Google, the app is designed to support security in the age of digital identity.

Google Pixel Buds With Noise Cancellation

Google Pixel Buds Pro is among the major highlights of the event. Priced at $199, the buds are available in four color variants, coral, lemongrass, fog, and charcoal. The buds support active noise cancellation, multipoint connectivity, handy transparency mode, and touch controls. Google Pixel Buds Pro will be available for preorders from July 21st and from July 28th at retail shops.

Android 13 and Elevated Features of Android 12

Alongside the smart devices, the tech giant hasn't left out the improvement and security aspect and has announced the entry of Android 13. The Android update will be focused on new key areas that will include privacy and user safety. The update will also elevate the user experience on devices with large-screen as well as foldable screens.

Immersive View For Google Maps

Google is going to make navigation smoother and smarter than earlier as the Google Maps now will reveal more buildings in countries like Africa, India, and Indonesia after it is packed with advanced technologies. The new features on the navigation will include the 'immersive view' that is supported by the 3D mapping technologies.

The range of new features will allow the users to check the weather forecast, hear the local traffic, and check inside the local cafes and the Google's Cloud stream will make the run on any smartphone. It will also make eco-friendly routing available in more countries as currently, only users in the United States and Canada have the access to the feature.

Focus on Cybersecurity

In order to curb and have better protection against phishing attempts, detect them automatically and take the user to safety automatically through Google services, Google has announced to invest of $10 billion for online safety. The company is trying to make the user experience better with multi-factor authentication using easy-to-use one-tap authentication that puts the six-digit codes away. In alignment with this, the tech giant is already working towards passwordless sign-in.

User Control on Ads With 'My Ad Centre'

This is the step towards ending unwanted and weird advertisements while using the Google apps. The tech giant has announced that it will provide the users with more control over ads they get to see across the Google platforms such as YouTube and other apps. It will let the users choose the categories from which they will be able to select to see more or fewer


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