5 Reasons Why Your Phone's Battery Draining So Fast

5 Reasons Why Your Phone's Battery Draining So Fast
Updated:6 Jul, 2022

We are so addicted to our phones that we spend almost half of our day looking at them. Unfortunately, many users face battery draining issues in their phones, and sometimes it is frustrating to see your flat phone when you are somewhere out and need it the most. 

Nowadays, the usage of smartphones has increased due to work from home, online classes, watching web series, etc. Smartphones are dying out of charge, and a majority are experiencing the same. So in this article, we'll explain why your phone's battery is draining so rapidly and how to fix it so you don't have to deal with low battery alerts at work.

Reasons behind the fast draining of phones' batteries: 

1. Maximum Brightness Will Consume the Maximum Battery

The smartphone's display consumes more battery than any other separate device element. The display board's resolution and size have been the most significant factor in draining your phone's battery. And that is the reason behind all battery-saving guides and tutorials tweaking the display to save the smartphone's battery percentage.

If your phone's screen brightness is too high, it will consume one heck of your battery. To save your phone's battery from draining to zero, you can regulate its screen brightness to a minimum level or set the automatic brightness mode on your phone. Automatic brightness will control the display's brightness based on your surroundings and alter the brightness accordingly. You can also decrease the screen time your mobile display takes to turn off when it remains idle for more than 15 seconds. 

2. Keeping the WI-FI Connected Throughout the Day

Even though selecting Wi-Fi over data saves your monthly data bills, it may not be suitable for your cell phone's battery life. Your phone's battery may drain out in continually looking for a Wi-Fi signal. So, in case you are not linking to any Wi-Fi network near your device, it is advisable to turn off the Wi-Fi on your cell phone. 

It might give the impression that a no-brainer to keep their Wi-Fi or mobile data activated at all hours so that you can keep yourself connected to the internet for the whole day and night. But this can drain your phone battery to zero, as you are continually getting notifications, background updates, and many more when you do not inevitably require them.

The sleeping hours of your day-to-day schedule are considered a perfect time to turn off your Wi-Fi. Of course, you might also turn your cell phone to airplane mode. But, if you are concerned about missing important calls or messages in its place, you can turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data so that you can still receive essential phone calls. You may disable both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data on your phone by going into the settings and deactivating both.

3. Countless Notifications Consume Lots of Battery Percentage

Many applications take the operator's permission to send notifications and electronic mail, messages, and updates. And that's why your cell phone keeps on flashing, vibrating, and playing the notification noises the whole day, which we guess are sometimes frustrating. 

The continuous notifications can consume up the entire battery of your cell phone. So, it's a wise step to turn off the notifications for those applications you do not use regularly and are not vital to you. You'll receive notifications for those applications you care about, which will cut down the number of messages of warnings and requests on your cell phone.

4. Applications Running in the Background 

Numerous applications run in the background, using mobile data and draining your cell phone's battery

You can check out which applications are running in the background and consuming your cell phone's battery. Go to Settings, then direct to the battery, and you will see which application is consuming how much battery. Also, here you can deactivate the background activity of an application that eats much more battery percentage.

5. Aging of the Cell Phone

Smartphone batteries begin to lose their performance after a specific period (and continuous heat). Anybody rocking an older phone has a higher probability of facing battery issues than someone using a relatively new smartphone. 

You cut a second or two of your cell phone's maximum battery capacity every time you charge it. Therefore, industry experts have witnessed years-old phones having battery issues in several situations. 

Few Final Words!

On top of the proposals mentioned above, there are a couple of additional ways you can give your cell phone's battery a serving hand.

Primarily, try to use the original charger your mobile phone came with when charging it, as this will have a greater chance of letting the cell phone battery reach adequate capacity. It's also a decent idea to check which applications consume most of your battery percentage. You would be amazed at which applications are taking a massive toll on your cell phone's battery life, and warning their consent or usage could be tremendously beneficial.

If you are buying a new phone, try to look for a brand and a model that scores high on the battery life, as poor battery life will definitely frustrate you in the long run.


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