Why Should You Celebrate Your Failures?

Why Should You Celebrate Your Failures?
Updated:18 Apr, 2022

It is understandable to feel low when failures strike but are the people who celebrate their failures crazy? They aren’t crazy; instead, they are wise humans who take lessons from their failures.

There is so much you can learn from failures than from consistent successful attempts in whatever you take up. After all, if you haven’t made mistakes in your life or have seen the face of failure, then you probably have never challenged yourself enough. So, it’s always better to see the shortcomings in a positive light and analyze what went wrong and how you can make things right to be successful in the next attempt.

Let’s see the 8 reasons behind celebrating your failures.

1. Failures Teach Us To Let Go of Our Fears

When you fail at something, you don’t think about the goal in question but what other people might think of you. This is the case with many people in the world. If they are taking failure too seriously, that is not probably because of how their goal could not be achieved but because they think of themselves as failures in the eyes of others. 

There are so many people who give up on their visions even before starting out. Thus, failure teaches us to let go of our fears of being judged by the people around us. So, let go of all your fears and do what you are doing without worrying about other people’s judgment of you.

2. Failures Guide Us To Upskill

Failures give us a chance to upskill ourselves and come back with better preparation. After all, to fight a challenge, you need to be aware of the nitty-gritty of the task. So, take the time to practice and hone your skills to perform better in the next attempt.

Did you know that ISRO has a habit of grand success after every failure?

3. Failures Make Us Stronger and Wiser

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

This quote by Winston S. Churchill comes to light when people who fail rise up with a boost of enthusiasm and reach even greater heights than they could ever imagine. Every failure makes you stronger and wiser, as now you have learned so much from your experience that no one can pull you down. All you need is faith in yourself and a drive to move forward no matter what.

4. Failures Challenge To Become Better

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

The famous quote by Thomas A. Edison draws upon how you can learn from your experiences. As you now know, what would not work in the given situation. It is always better to be certain about what would not work than to be uncertain about what would work. Failure has its own magic; you can be 100 percent sure of strategies, behaviors, and methods that would not benefit the task and hand. You will then be able to focus all your energy on what all can work.

5. Failures are Meant For Reflection

Not all failures are meant to push you to give a second attempt. There are times when failures are meant for you to stop and reflect on your actions and visions. The immediate aftereffects of a failure might be depressing, saddening, and heartbreaking. However, during this time, you need to sit back and look at things objectively to better understand your situation. 

Pro Tip: Sit with a paper & pen and start jotting down your journey from the start. Or share it with a person who can lend you a patient ear. Analyze your writings or views about your journey and see if this is what you want from life.

6. Failures are Just the Feedback From the Universe

“What if this is not meant for me?”
“What if I am not who I want to be?”
“What if it is a sign from the universe?”

Have you also found yourself asking these questions? If yes, pause and understand that things might go awry and not the way they were supposed. However, there is always feedback available around you. All you need is to seek out the right people.

You might fail numerous times in your life, but that’s just how life is supposed to be. Muster the courage and accept the failure; cry if you feel like crying but make sure you pick yourself up as early as possible and buckle up to make things right.

7. Failures Help Embrace Imperfections

Celebrating your failures helps you embrace your imperfections. Nobody can know everything there is to know in the world. Nobody can be good at everything. So, if you are failing at something again and again and again, then you need to accept it. You need to accept that you might love doing that particular task, but you are not perfect. You can keep enjoying doing it without forcing yourself to become an expert. Be it marketing, dancing, singing, playing a sport, a language, or anything. Failures tell you that it is entirely okay to be imperfect at something.

8. Failures Assist in Changing Mindset

If you have been someone who has recently faced their first failure, then we congratulate you as it is the time when you will learn some great lessons from your life.

With each failure, you see the world from a different perspective. Thus, every failure teaches you to change your point of you, making you adept at understanding life better. No one perspective is final, and once you start seeing the world from different angles, you will be able to create more opportunities for yourself than you could even dream of.

Now you know why you should celebrate your failures as much as your success. Life is never easy for anyone, and everyone faces failure in their lives. It is what makes us humans; it gives us opportunities to improve our ways.


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