10 Habits Holding You Back From Success

10 Habits Holding You Back From Success
Updated:30 Sep, 2022

If you also wonder about what successful people do that helps them to achieve their targeted goals, then let us tell you - it is all about making the right choices and having the right & relevant habits that take them closer to success. 

We all perform involuntary actions throughout our daily lives which are called habits, and these habits form a part of our identities. There is a saying that one person can develop any habit if he/she continuously does the same thing for 21 days. Although, habits are mainly of two types - good habits and bad habits. Meanwhile, where good habits can help you to get success, bad habits can block the path to being successful.

Hence, you're not only required to focus on good habits but you need to consider all those bad habits as well that might be holding you back. 

10 Habits Holding You Back from Being Successful

Here is the list of 10 habits that can prevent individuals from being successful:

1. Lack of Everyday Reading

Reading is the most important part of the growth of a person because when you read you gain more knowledge. The best thing about reading is if it becomes a habit you begin to form connections. But today we see that the youth is not focusing on everyday reading, rather in the morning when they wake up, they start scrolling through social media instead of reading newspapers. This is the major reason which is holding you back from being successful. To be successful you have to develop the habit of reading books, newspapers, articles, etc.

2. Playing The Blame Game

When everything goes wrong in your life and you are not able to achieve your specified goal then you start playing the blame game i.e., blaming others for not being able to achieve that goal. A person should understand that blaming others for the misfortune or lack of success we are expecting is not a good thing. To become successful, one should accept the fact that he/she should accept their fault and start working on their goal again.

3. Waiting For The Perfect Time

It’s a common trap that people fall into, we wait for the perfect time to start. Various entrepreneurs are at the top of their field and this is so because they haven’t waited for the perfect time. It’s not about a perfect time it’s about making that time perfect. So, for being successful one should understand that there is no perfect time to start, because if you wait you are going to miss many opportunities.

4. Inaccurate Assumptions

We tend to make assumptions too often, which is one of the worst bad habits. There are times when we can assume that our goals are unreachable, our ideas are unacceptable, or that other people generally don't like us or how we conduct ourselves. Lack of information leads to assumptions. Be sure you gather information first before making any conclusions to avoid this bad habit.

5. Always Staying in The Comfort Zone

If you look around your world, every single thing that you use or buy is meant to make your life comfortable. If you look at the successful people, who inspire you to become who you want to be when you grow up or become more experienced and if you look at their lives carefully then you will get to know that every single day they are working harder and harder to become more successful and this is because they have chosen the path of maximum discomfort. One can never be successful in his/her comfort zone. So, to become successful one should choose the path of discomfort rather than staying in the comfort zone.

6. Doubting Yourself

A person who doubts his/her capabilities will never get success in life. If you are not successful you are spending more time doubting yourself. You must be your biggest fan; you have to be the person that believes in you the most. All successful people believe in themselves more than anybody else in their life.

7. Being Lazy All The Time

Our desire to succeed is completely crippled by this bad habit. Distractions or an aversion to discomfort may lead to laziness, the unwillingness to perform a task. To succeed, you must work hard. The problem with being lazy is that it doesn't get anything done, so you need to shed this bad habit if you are serious about succeeding.

8. Not Setting Goals

This habit could be one of the major reasons that push you back from being successful. Only talking about the goals but not setting them is a sign of being unsuccessful. Success only comes when you set proper goals and work according to them. For example, if you want to make a thousand dollars this year how much money you need to make each month to reach that point is an actual goal.

9. Giving Up Instead of Persisting

Overnight success Is a myth, overnight success is a cumulation of years of hard work suddenly put under the spotlight, when you want success you must be able to endure months, even years, of frustration before you succeed. Persisting is a mindset, it's an understanding that every day you are getting closer to your goals.

10. Continuous Learning

Forgetting the importance of continuous learning is a bad habit and will push you back from being successful. Successful people know that their success is linked to their education this doesn’t mean that they are chasing college degrees it means that they read books, attend conferences, finding ways to make what they do better. So, for being successful one should have a habit of continuous learning.

These were 10 habits that may hold you from being successful. So, to be successful, one should avoid these habits and start working on themselves daily.


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