Where is the Helsinki Cathedral?

Updated:2 Sep, 2022

A religious and cultural site shows us the importance of our culture, norms, and values. People follow different religions and worship different gods. They have a belief in those sites and continue their culture. Those places carry long and some unknown historical facts with them. In this article, you will know about a prestigious and religious site called Helsinki Cathedral with various insights associated with it like location, development, etc.

Helsinki Cathedral: Location and Overview

Helsinki Cathedral is located in Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki Cathedral is an Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church is also known as St Nicholas's church. It is a very prestigious and popular site in Finland. It has been the most visited and famous location in Finland for a very long time. It is also known as the white jewel of the city, Helsinki. This beautiful site got its global recognition when a famous singer Darude featured it in the background of his music video called "Sandstorm".

Helsinki Cathedral: Construction

The construction of the Helsinki church was started from 1830 to 1852. It was built in the honor of the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas of Russia. The building is built in the neoclassical style which makes its appearance prettier. Helsinki Cathedral was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel. 

He created a masterpiece that should be appreciated. Before the Helsinki cathedral, there was a small church located in the same place called the Church of the Ulrika Eleanora. After that, a duplicate church was built in Senate square. The church was completely made up of snow. Then finally, the Helsinki Cathedral was built. Outside of the cathedral, there are 43 stairs and a square which is very popular among tourists. 

They find it a perfect place for hangout and sunbathing. The square looks amazing at nighttime when the cathedral lights up. The scenario looks mesmerizing and breathtaking. There are 1300 seats inside the Helsinki cathedral. So, you can imagine how spacious it is. The cathedral architecture is based on the Greek cross. It is 62 meters tall. 

Helsinki cathedral is colored in white which is a sign of pureness. The roof of the cathedral is colored green that giving an amazing finishing touch to the building. It is said that the cathedral is a part of Helsinki's empire-era center and a landmark of the people arriving by sea. 

Helsinki Cathedral: Present Status

At present, the church is used for many special events like wedding ceremonies. Many people visit this church to worship god too. About half a million individuals visit Helsinki Cathedral per year according to a report taken in 2018. At the crypt of the cathedral, an exhibition is held every summer. You can visit there on summer days to see different pieces of art. Also, there is a souvenir shop available as a cherry on the cake called Cathedral Shop. The cathedral is quite beautiful, snow white, and a pure piece of art.

At a moment there was a huge accident inside the cathedral. It caused a lot of damage. The accident was caused by a broken water pipe. It was on 30th January 2016 but no life loss or injury was reported.

The beauty of this site reflects its religious rites, amazing architectural history, and wonderful craft by the ancestors and makes the scenario more beautiful. Helsinki Cathedral is a perfect destination if you want to feel fresh and relaxed.


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