What is the Capital of Greece?

Updated:24 Aug, 2022

The capital city of Greece is Athens which is having an area of 412 square meters. Before Athens, the capital of Greece was Nafplio till 1834. Athens is a beautiful city and is said it is the birthplace of Democracy and rules that are made to Govern society. During the classic periods, Athens was one of the most powerful and important cities in Greece. Let's get to know more about the capital of Greece, Athens in this article. 

It is believed that Athens made their education and literature earlier including the best poetries, and best schools in order to maintain their city. Athens holds the record of being one of the oldest cities in the world. Having a population of the city is nearly 31.7 million, Athens is Greece's biggest city and is also known as the center of politics and tourism. 

According to Greek mythology (and myth), Athena and Poseidon competed with each other for the honor of being the patron of the capital city. The city was named on behalf of Athena as it is said that she gave an Olive Tree to Athens that was more valuable than the water given by Poseidon. 

In the era of games and sports, the first Olympics was held in Athens in the year of 1896. And in 2004 Athens again played host to Olympic Games. Athens is one of the world's main centers of archeological research.

Capital of Greece, Athens - History

Athens was founded by a Cecrops, which was half man and half serpent, according to Greek mythology. Athens is a historical city as it is the birthplace of many philosophers and politicians of the ancient world including Socrates, Pericles, and Sophos. Also, Athens is known as the birthplace of democracy, so the Democracy that was established in the city around the 5th century was based on a direct democracy system, in which eligible citizens directly voted on laws. Acropolis is an ancient citadel located on a high Rocky Hill above the city of Athens. Athens also includes several buildings of great architectural and historic significance. Parthenon is an ancient temple which is situated on Acropolis.

Capital of Greece, Athens - Geography

Athens has a mayor Council type government. The resources are obtained from the surrounded mountains in Athens. The Athenian's houses and markets are built in the high city to trade with the traders peacefully. The mountains of Athens also provide natural resources like fresh water and stones for the mini Temple and government buildings. 

Only 20 percent of surrounded land is good for farming as keep managed to grow Grapes and Barley and they also have plenty of food to eat. Due to the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of Athens is mild so people regularly take part in outdoor activities and gather all around to discuss the issues of the day and also conduct the important affairs of the government. The Piraeus which is the main part of the city gives Athens a vital gateway to the vital world because it helps to develop the trade rules across the Athens sea and become a powerhouse of trade and culture. 

Tourism in the Capital of Greece, Athens 

In the terms of attraction, Athens is a good attraction to tourists. There are many archaeological sites including archaic monuments and old towns. Tourism in Athens occurs the whole year and the best months for visiting Athens are April to October. Athens is not just about archeological sites and monuments it is also a center of nightlife, culture, and sports. 

If we talk about the visiting places then Acropolis is the most visited site in Athens as it is an ancient citadel. And also the other sites worthy to visit which are the Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Ancient Agora, and Temple of Hephaestus. Athens is also considered a hub of tourism. In 2019 Athens was in 41st place with 6.30 million tourists to be visited. Athens is an enjoyable place with a mild and Pleasant environment. 


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