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Updated:19 Sep, 2022

In the 1987 comedy movie Real Men, James Belushi and John Ritter play the protagonists. It is directed and written by Dennis Feldman while the movie is produced by Martin Bregman. The movie revolves around Nick Pirandello and Bob Wilson. Among his CIA coworkers, Nick Pirandello (James Belushi) is regarded as the finest of the best. In order to work with Bob Wilson (John Ritter), a modest suburban parent, who is the exact replica of the agent originally assigned to the case, Nick is hired by the agency when it loses its inside man on a top-secret operation. In this article, let's get to know more about the full cast of the Real Men movie in detail.

The movie earned neutral to negative reviews when it first came out. The plot in particular was criticized as being implausible. But years later, The A.V. Club identified it as one of the 1980s comedies that were underappreciated. The movie got an IMDb rating of 6. The movie made over $873 thousand at the box office.

Star Cast of Real Men Movie:

Leading Cast of Real Men:

  • Jim Belushi as Nick Pirandello
  • John Ritter as Bob Wilson
  • Barbara Barrie as Mom Pirandello

Supporting Cast of Real Men:

  • Bill Morey as Millard Cunard
  • Isa Jank as Dolly(as Isa Andersen)
  • Gail Barle as Sherry
  • Mark Herrier as Bradshaw
  • Matthew Brooks as Bob Wilson, Jr.
  • Mariah Dobson as Heather Wilson

Cast Details of Real Men:

1. Jim Belushi as Nick Pirandello

A super-smart secret agent on the hunt for Russian thugs is played by Jim Belushi. Among his CIA coworkers, Nick Pirandello is regarded as the finest of the best. He is also a womanizer. Later in the movie, he realizes that he also has a sensitive side to him. Actor, comedian, and musician James Adam Belushi hails from the USA. Jim from the comedy According to Jim is his most well-known acting performance (2001–2009). He has also appeared on Total Security (1997), Twin Peaks (2017), and Saturday Night Live (1983–1985).

2. John Ritter as Bob Wilson

A bland father who becomes involved in the scheme is portrayed by John Ritter. He is an exact replica of the agent that was given the case in the beginning. Bob thinks Nick's assertions that the operation includes aliens to be rather dubious in addition to the fact that he is unfamiliar with the nature of a perilous CIA job. For his performance as Jack Tripper on the ABC comedy Three's Company (1977–1984), which he played from 1977–1984, John Ritter won a Primetime Emmy and a Golden Globe in 1984. On the spin-off Three's a Crowd, which ran for one season and produced 22 episodes before being canceled in 1985, Ritter briefly played the part again.

3. Barbara Barrie as Mom Pirandello

Barbara Barrie plays the mom of Nick Pirandello in the movie. With her role as Julie in the influential movie One Potato, Two Potato, which earned her the Best Actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Barbara Barrie made her acting debut in 1964. Her most well-known portrayal is that of Evelyn Stohler in the film Breaking Away, for which she received an Academy Award nomination in 1979 for Best Supporting Actress and an Emmy nod in 1981 when she returned to the part in the television series based on the movie.


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