50 Basic French Words and Phrases To Know While Traveling To France

Updated:26 Oct, 2022

Anybody who has spent even a short period in France, particularly in Paris, understands the value of knowing a little French. Locals will immediately warm up to visitors who attempt to communicate in their language. The French will notice your respect, whether you say "bonjour" while entering a business or order politely at a café. Any helpful French words, phrases, or sayings you can memorize can help you traverse the nation, engage with locals, and get the most out of your vacation.

In this article, let's get to know about some basic french words and phrases that can be really helpful:

Basic Introductory Phrases In French:

It's crucial to know how to introduce yourself in front of others, especially in foreign. Here are six French phrases which can be heard:

Je m'appelleMyself
Quel est votre nom?What is your name?
Comment allez-vous?What's up?
Je vais bien, et vous?And how about you?
Je viens de…My home country is…
hardI'm happy to meet you

Basic French Phrases You Should Know:

Here are some essential French phrases to know:

French English
Pardon, excusez-moiPlease pardon me
Bonjour!Hello and good day
Au revoir!Goodbye!
Parlez-vous anglais?Are you an English speaker?
Madame/Monsieur/MademoiselleMr., Mrs., or Miss
Je ne parle pas français.I am not fluent in French
Oui yes
À tout à l’heure!Next to you!
De rienI'm happy to help
Merci/Merci beaucoupThank you/Much appreciated

Helpful French Phrases for Collecting Information:

Here are some useful French phrases for collecting data in France:

Je cherche le métro/le gare/l’aéroportI am searching for the metro/train station/airport
Pourriez-vous prendre ma photo/notre photo?Are you able to take my photo/our photo?
Où sont des toilettes?Where are the toilets?
Parlez lentement, s’il vous plaîtSpeak slowly, please
Pourriez-vous m’aider?Can you help me?
Où est un bon restaurant/un bon café?Where is a good restaurant/a good café
Je cherche l’hôtel/l’hôpital/la banqueI am searching for the hotel/hospital/bank.
Je ne comprends pasI do not understand
Répétez, s’il vous plaitRepeat, please
Où est la plage/le centre-ville?Where is the beach/city center

French Phrases for Transportation:

Here are a few French Phrases that can be used when you’re on the move and traveling:

Je voudrais partir à la gareI wish to travel to the train or bus terminal.
Le GuichetTicket booth
Le busA bus
Une VoitureCar
Arrêt de busA bus stop
Le MétroSubway
Un taxiA taxi
Quelle est l’horaireWhat's the timetable?
Un AvionAirplane
Un BilletTicket
La gareTrain/bus station

Useful French Phrases for Directions:

Here are a few very important French Phrases for when you need to ask for directions: 

Où sommes-nous?Where are we?
C’est à Droite.It's to your right.
C’est à gauche.It's to your left.
C’est tout droit.It's directly ahead of you.
Est-ce que c’est loin/proche?Is it distant or close?

Useful French Phrases for Dining:

These are a few important French phrases for dining or when you need to order at a restaurant:

Je voudrais un verreI'd like a glass
La carte/le menu, s’il vous plaît.The menu, please
Je voudrais de l’eauI'd want some water
Je voudrais un caféI'd like a cup of coffee

Expand Your French Vocabulary:

Vocabulary is an essential component of every language. It is hard to communicate effectively if you are short on words. You won't be able to point to other objects, acts, or events if you don't have a large enough French vocabulary.

This section will share four ways to enhance your French language skills while doing something fun!

1. Read In French

This is self-evident. Reading is perhaps a superb method of learning new words. First and foremost, you must select a topic of focus that will allow you to appreciate what you are reading. Don't look up every term that you don’t understand right away. Try to acquire a description from context and then double-check your work by checking it up. Underlining and taking notes could also aid memory.

2. Play Online French Games

You may believe this choice is solely for children, but we're afraid to inform you that you're entirely mistaken. Games are effective teaching tools, allowing individuals to absorb vital information in any discipline. Several online games are particularly designed to help users acquire new vocabulary in various aspects of the language. There are even entire websites dedicated to developing educational and educational games.

3. French Entertainment with Subtitles

This is a great approach to expanding your French vocabulary. Watching movies, cartoons, film clips, documentaries, and anything else with French subtitles can help you see the word in written form while you can also listen to its pronunciation.

4. Look Up Synonyms & Similar Terms

After learning a new term, seek synonyms and make notes. This is an excellent method to connect new words with ones you already know. Learn new words by incorporating them into phrases so that you can easily remember them.

Wrapping Up:

Going to France is both exciting and eye-opening. Visitors should learn fundamental French phrases and vocabulary ahead of time to make the most of their vacation. These French travel words can come in handy throughout your vacation!

Further, practice these common French phrases before your big vacation to France. The most excellent approach to thoroughly immerse oneself in the French journey is to engage in discussions with locals and other travelers. Remember, it's usually safer to employ the "Vous" or standard version of French unless you're communicating with a youngster.


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