Full Form of AR | What is AR Used For?

Updated:12 Sep, 2022

AR means Augmented Reality. Augmented reality augments the user's perception of a naturally existing world around them. It is a technology that enhances people's experience in a physical environment by superimposing or augmenting the digital information on it. It is a highly interactive method in real time since it is a combination of both the physical and the digital worlds. This interaction between both worlds decreases the workload of manually or physically bridging them together. Augmented reality can also be said an Additional reality. 

It is the latest interface between humans and machines. Basically, AR is designed to embed or add additional digital elements into real-world environments as there is a fundamental disconnect seen between them which has to be overcome. 

It can be considered as an enhanced or improved version of the real world in a more understandable way with the help of electronics and computerized tools so that they can have smooth interactions between them so that they coexist together perfectly. It tends to make the line between the real and virtual objects much blurrier to make this augmented reality into a true reality very soon. Augmented reality is considered to be the most advanced technology today and there are limitless applications that are AR-enabled.

Our reality where we presently live can be considered as a 3-dimensional view of our physical world, whereas the digital information available as a display on the screens of computers and other monitors is the 2-dimensional view the digital technology. This integration of two individual worlds can produce millions of smartly connect products. So, AR is simply the process of overlaying some automated information on already existing environments so that the gap between them is closed. 

What is AR Used For? 

AR is reshaping the businesses where the employees on the front line are acquiring a plethora of knowledge by interacting with their physical surroundings in a digital way, executing their plans faster, and getting involved in taking improved decision-making processes by reducing the manual processes. It paves the way to recognize our real world in a completely new form through evolution. Just like how we use smartphones every day for many things, AR would surely become a part of our everyday life while making us view our world enriched with customized content.

Augmented reality tends to make computer-generated enhancements by adding images, texts, videos, animations, and infographics on top of reality to give us a different perspective of our real world and it allows us to interact with the simulated environments. Various components and devices used by AR are Cameras and sensors, Projectors, reflectors, and Processing devices like RAM, Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS. Businesses making successful brand developments with this innovative visual technology also attract customers by providing them with the best shopping experiences. 

Today everybody wants to enjoy creating personalized content through AR and most of them have already adapted themselves to AR by using the enriched filters on social media websites like Instagram and snap chats that enhance selfies and pictures. Augmented Reality is leaving its impact everywhere with its services and its transforming industries in a beneficial way globally. While AR is being widely implemented across the world, a huge increase in the AR market's rise with its expansion is expected in the coming years. AR is here to stay and we have just seen the beginning of it.

Examples of AR:

  • AR Maintenance
  • Google Glass
  • Google SkyMap
  • Pokemon Go
  • Snapchat
  • IKEA Studio App
  • Raptor AR headsets
  • Smart glasses and Smart lenses

Benefits of AR: 

  • It provides in-store customer experiences and allows testing of new products
  • It is cost-effective and reduces business expenses
  • Enhances navigation and makes it faster
  • Rich user experiences with ease of use
  • Provides unlimited opportunities for the students to access different learning resources
  • Personalized and unique experiences can be created
  • Accelerates building or constructing activities by regular monitoring through AR


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