7 Great Money Books You Must Read

7 Great Money Books You Must Read
Updated:17 Feb, 2022

“The more you learn the more you earn” - Warren Buffet

It is a paradox that sometimes a little spent can add improbable worth into your life. Books do have powers and if you let them, they can change your life substantially, serve as another lodestar, or give you a lift when you need it the most. 

Even if the words seem incoherent to you that doesn’t mean that those words don’t have logic. Always remember the saying that "Don't judge a book by its cover", maybe those words on the pages of the books can have deeper insights that a normal one is not able to differentiate. 

Piyush BansalCEO and founder of Lenskart in Shark Tank India show told a pitcher about his passion for reading books which had given him an immense amount of knowledge and expertise that eventually he had started his venture with huge success in the competitive market of India.

There are a myriad of examples that exist in society enough to prove to you that books do have the power to bring a change in someone’s life but sometimes some readers can't recognize it as knowledge from books is temporary until you haven’t implemented it rigorously to acquire a certain goal.

There are two types of returns you can get from reading books. First is financial return by reading some money-making books and implementing the real-life process from those books to find any business ideas or tips to move forward with your own idea which is something that can help you to grow financially to fulfill your urge to earn money and another one is an intellectual return which you can see as a transformation in your life when you will deep dive into implementing the learnings from books into your own life which can be either personality change or accumulating experience related to life.

But today we will mull over the best books of attaining financial return.

So first of all let us know, what’s your money strategy? Have you ever formed any strategy for money-making?

If not then no worries it’s not rare, even many people don’t make plans, they just want to earn more and more money but here is the problem, apart from earning money you should know about how to spend or invest that money to make more money. There is a need for proper guidance to make your money work for you with a future perspective (money you need after you retire or if you have a plan to live a luxurious life).

Now here is a breakthrough, Here are some suggested 7 money-making books which you must read and follow.

1. Money Master The Game - by Anthony Robbins

“Money Master The Game” authored by Anthony Robbins is a book based on 7 Simple Steps for attaining financial freedom in life by creating a customized lifetime income plan according to Anthony Robbins who is considered as a king in the Motivational Speaking Industry because he had set the fire within the self-improvement sector. He was also a prominent student of Jim Rohn (Famous American Entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker). 

This book consists of seven sections in which you move forward with different steps as per the sections that tell you what and how much financial education you need to learn and acquire.

2. Think And Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill who is the author of this book did a tremendous job of accumulating and collecting the wisdom, expertise, and secrets of the 50 richest peoples of their time through their interviews and made a byproduct of this expertise in the form of this paper book. Some of the famous personalities include Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison.

The name of this book that just thinks and grows rich eventually seems strange but its “Burning Desire” concept and the rules depicted will clear all your doubts about its genuineness and definitely be fruitful to you, lasting an eye-opening impression to the readers.

3. The Richest Man In Babylon - by George Samuel Clason

If you really want to know how to become financially rich then you have to follow this book with proper dedication.

This book belongs to the history of the world’s richest city named Babylon City in which the life of the richest man is discussed thoroughly in a creative manner that tells you how he became rich from a poor background and his secrets.

4. The Psychology Of Money - by Morgan Housel

If you want to earn money through investing and you want more information about the sources and ways then this book is for you.

When you read this book, apart from Psychology you will get to know about big interesting incidents in the business field and stock market and it also tells you how people perceive wealth and how their perception has changed from the last hundred years. This book is a full-on package of advanced knowledge you require to deep dive into the realm of the business field.

5. How To Attract Money - by Joseph Murphy

If you have previously read the famous book “The power of the Subconscious mind” then you will be glad to know that this creation also belongs to Joseph Murphy, The well-known author.

The book is inspired by the Bible which helps you to claim your right to live a rich, happy and free life and for that purpose, you should have money as wealth is a state of consciousness.

6. The Intelligent Investor - by Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing and his creation “The Intelligent Investor” is an all-time favorite book by the readers, Even Warren Buffet accredited it as by far the best book on investing and money making ever written. This book will introduce you to the most influential concept of value investing and let you learn wisdom on investing and markets. In a short sense, It will guide you to the world of Investing.

7. Rework - by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried 

Rework is a great book if you are building your own venture or if you are starting your own career and a lot of unconventional advice seems to be working for a lot of business professionals. This book is a perfect choice for young entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists who want guidance in their respective fields. 


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